In a time when singer/songwriters are filling coffee houses and pop radio simultaneously, Jeremy Borer is a refreshing and captivating voice.

His songwriting is timeless and his prescence is inspiring. It's all captured in his new work entitled SPLIT AT THE SEAMS where he and a trio of incredible musicians subtly build each song with solid grooves and catchy hooks that are sure to "bring you up and bring you down" throughout the 7 song EP.

Catch Jeremy and the band live to watch and listen as these songs are re-created and re-invented live.


Jeremy Borer began his solo career while studying music at Skidmore, a college with 2,000 students. After graduation he wasn't satisfied with his musical experience and headed to NYU to get a Masters Degree in Music & Production while honing his songwriting and vocal skills. Jeremy has since nestled his way into the world of music working at Wind-Up Records by day and working the audiences at music clubs by night.


Listen to Jeremy Borer (mp3 files will take a while to load. please be patient)

full song
* Different World

* The Message
* One in a Million
* Breathe Life
* One Step Closer
* Say Goodbye
The Reigns of Day

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