- free website for artists, musicians and writers is a free website for artists, writers, and musicians. the founders of this site hope that it will become a center serving as a vehicle where both established and emerging artists, musicians and writers may display their work for the purposes of exposure, critical discussion and fulfilling personal goals.

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the staff:

David Botti
(content editor/writer) tagged along for the ride in 2003. He is a working stiff - slash - struggling writer in NYC.

Chad Heath
(critic extraordinaire) has assisted with developing the concepts behind from the beginning. Although not 'formally' involved with the design or content writing of the site, he is always willing to lend some honest (sometimes brutally honest) crticism when it is asked of him. He is making his living as a 'body man' in Redlands, CA.

Lyndon Scott (founder/designer) has been the brainchild and champion behind since the inspiration first struck in 2002. Lyndon enjoys working with paint, clay, and shiny objects. After a recent move from Claremont NH, he is working as an editorial assistant for a bioengineering journal in Riverside, CA. volunteers:


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