Dramatic, sometimes unconventional use of color is the common thread throughout Leslie Rohonczy's work. Her nudes in full color, compelling landscapes, delicate florals, powerful abstracts and portraits make up this diversely varied body of work.

In 1980, Leslie Rohonczy graduated from the Commercial Arts program at
Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada. Leslie has worked as a graphic
designer, theatrical make-up artist, recording artist and performer, website
manager, marketing & communications manager, and has also written several
articles on Creativity and the Art business, as featured on several national
and international websites and publications. Leslie Rohonczy lives and
paints in Ottawa, Canada.


It is my desire to create works of art that elicit an emotional reaction. Through use of dramatic, sometimes unconventional colour and form, I hope to make a meaningful connection with the viewer that enriches and energizes. I believe that creativity is a simple equation with a very complex impact. The combination of imagination and curiosity are two wonderful gifts that, combined, are larger than the sum of their parts: IMAGINATION + CURIOSITY = CREATIVITY. Art is therapy. Art is joy. Art is frustration, realization, discovery and enlightenment. And I am thankful for the journey every day.

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