Angel of the Odd is:

Wade Strange
Peter Holden
Jason Forest
Michael Clemow
Philip Heslip


We are formed from a solid, unalloyed friendship that, for most of us, began in grade school. Together in a vapid emotionless chasm we saw a naked, open beauty in music and we clung to it.
High school saw us with our first instruments and Angel of the Odd’s first incarnation. In college we focused enough to produce an album’s worth of original material -- our first real effort. We sold out of the 500 copies we had pressed and finished the year with a number-one song in the alternative section of and three songs in the top ten.

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Listen to AOTO:

*When You Come Back: 04:18 - 3.94 MB
*Before She Wakes: 05:24 - 4.94 MB
*No Reason: 04:52 - 4:45 MB

View the AOTO Promo Video: 30 MB



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