My name is Marcel Brekelmans. I was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on January 20th, 1958. As a matter of fact, Amsterdam is the place where I live right now.

Unfortunately, my drawings don't pay the rent, so in order to keep a roof over my head I make a living as a software engineer for a Dutch banking-related corporation. My biggest dream though is to quit my job and make a living of my artwork. Preferably on the West coast of the U.S.A. or Canada.

About my drawings: it's something I have been doing since the age of 16. After a period of marriage, children and divorce (in which I neglected my pens-and-paper) I picked it up again.

Someone wrote in my guestbook: "Your drawings are Weird. I like them...". I thought it a compliment, being Weird with a capital W.


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